How We Appraise Vehicles

How We Assign A Value To Your Vehicle

Our appraisal specialists assess your vehicle by considering factors like its year, make, model, condition, maintenance history, aftermarket modifications, reconditioning costs, and current damages. They then compare your vehicle to similar ones live in market, to determine a market-accurate price.

How We Assign a Value to Your Vehicle

We'll Review Your Vehicle

Our appraisal specialists will look over the key parts of your vehicle to give you a market accurate price.

Year, make, model, trim and kilometres of your vehicle

Exterior and interior condition

Maintenance history

Aftermarket modifications

Reconditioning costs including mechanical issues

Current Damages

We'll Review the key features of your vehicle

We’ll review the market

Compare your vehicle to similar vehicles live in market

Any recalls or service messages for your make/model/year

Current market conditions (sales trends and auction data)

How many similar vehicles in market for sale

Our inventory needs

We'll Review the Market

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Frequently Asked Trade Questions

What is the best way to sell my car for cash?

Our process is fast and safe, and you get a current market-value offer

How do I protect myself when selling a car?

Understand your vehicle's value and the sales process to get the best offer possible.

Does selling a financed car hurt my credit rating?

No, it doesn't. We help with paying off your loan if you accept their offer.

How old should a used car be?

We take all makes and models regardless of condition, and the price reflects the trade-in value.

How long does it take to sell a car?

You could sell your car or truck in 24 hours with us, while other dealers or private sales may take longer.

What increases a car's resale value?

Following the maintenance schedule, providing a CARFAX report, keeping the interior clean, and addressing any damage.

Is it better to sell privately or trade in my car?

Trading in or selling to a dealership offers fair market prices and peace of mind with knowledgeable professionals.

What site gives the most accurate car value?

Most automotive websites using the Canadian Black Book, Canadian Red Book, or Kelley Blue Book provide similar valuations. We rely on Canadian Black Book for our trade-in estimates, and a software that looks at similar vehicles currently listed in the Canadian market for our offers.

What paperwork do I bring to sell my car?

The registration, insurance documents, and maintenance history/warranty info is a bonus.