Electrify Your Ride

Airport Ford Hybrid Credit

Big Gas Savings & Complementary $2500 Engine Upgrade

With fuel prices high and no relief in sight, its time to make the switch and electrify your ride! No home charging station required!

Order a new 2022 F-150 3.5L Ecoboost in June* and get a complimentary upgrade to a 3.5L Powerboost hybrid.The Powerboost achieves fuel economy of 9.7 L/100km combined (4X2), makes 430 HP and a staggering 570 ft/lbs of torque. (That's more torque than a Ford Raptor)!

Other dealers might give you a small gas card but that’s only a band aid solution to high gas prices, make the switch to Hybrid today!

Why Consider a Factory Order?

  • Don't settle for a colour you don't want. 

  • Get the best pricing either at the time of order or at delivery - whichever is more favourable for you. 

  • Be the first & only one to sit in the driver's seat. Only dealership & manufacturer staff will handle your vehicle for quality inspections & cleaning. 

  • Ensure you get the options that suit your lifestyle such as towing capacity, remote start or leather seats. 

  • Get a personalized consultation to review product features & benefits with our sales team.  


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* Offer Expires June 30, 2022. Please contact our store or your sales consultant for complete offer details.