Electrify Your Ride



With fuel prices high and no relief in sight, its time to make the switch and electrify your ride! No home charging station required! All hybrid factory orders are eligible for a discount of up to $2500. Other dealers might give you a small gas card but that’s only a band aid solution to high gas prices, make the switch to Hybrid today!

Powerboost upgrade

Order a new 2022 F-150 3.5L Ecoboost and get a complimentary $2500 upgrade to a 3.5L Powerboost hybrid.The Powerboost achieves fuel economy of 9.7 L/100km combined (4X2), makes 430 HP and a staggering 570 ft/lbs of torque. (That's more torque than a Ford Raptor).

Hybrid Factory Order

Whether you drive a little or a lot, there is a Ford Hybrid for you. Factory order a new 2022 Ford Escape, Explorer or Maverick  Hybrid and get an extra $1000 off. Interested in a Lincoln Hybrid? Get $1000 off a 2022 Lincoln Corsair or Aviator Factory Order. Shop Lincoln Here

Why Consider a Factory Order?

  • Don't settle for a colour you don't want. 

  • Get the best pricing either at the time of order or at delivery - whichever is more favourable for you. 

  • Be the first & only one to sit in the driver's seat. Only dealership & manufacturer staff will handle your vehicle for quality inspections & cleaning. 

  • Ensure you get the options that suit your lifestyle such as towing capacity, remote start or leather seats. 

  • Get a personalized consultation to review product features & benefits with our sales team.  


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* Offer Expires July 31, 2022. Please contact our store or your sales consultant for complete offer details.