2020 Ford Fusion
Safety and Smart Never Looked So Good
The 2020 Ford Fusion delivers the latest in driver-assist technology, while carrying a bold and comfortable design. This eco-friendly sedan is built with you in mind. With gas, hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain options, the 2020 Fusion is where technology style and responsible driving meet.
Big Steps, Small Footprint
With incredible style, you can still be conscious of your environmental footprint with the 2020 Ford Fusion. With three powertrain deliveries available; Gas, Hybrid, and Plug-In Hybrid, with EV Mode, there is a choice to fit your lifestyle.
Hybrid Technologies
When looking into hybrid technologies the numbers speak for themselves. The standard Hybrid Fusion fuel economy was measured at 5.7L/100km, and when opting for its Plug-In sibling, fuel economy can improve to as little as 2.3L/100km. To even further the experience, keeping efficiency in mind is the new Regenerative Braking System with Brake Coach, and Smart Gague with EcoGuide.
Lane-Keeping System
The 2020 Ford Fusion offers only the best technology to keep you safe and comfortable driving. Features of the 2020 model include a lane-keeping system to ensure you stay in your lane even when you have a moment of distraction. This feature will be able to alert you if you are starting to edge out of your lane and keep you within the lines or gently move the vehicle back.